Jonathan Borofsky

30 / 41
Male/Female, 9 meters tall, aluminum
Permanent installation, Bielefeld, Germany, 1999

"The idea for this work refers back to early works of mine such as the painting My Male Self / My Female Self. This idea is a spiritual idea about who I am and who we all are. As a male human being, I am fully aware that I was once physically part of a female human being - a part of my mother. In this sense, I will always be part female, or be aware of my 'female side'. This knowledge does not make me less of a man, but instead gives me strength, wisdom and compassion to interact with the outer world in a powerful way. I have similarly created models for a sculpture showing a female silhouette with a male silhouette cut out from inside of it. In both of these sculptures, I am referring to the potential of opposite energies merging within each one of us. When male and female energies combine with grace and balance, all things are in harmony and peace and creativity is at its peak."
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