World Trade Center Memorial Proposal

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People Tower
(Without Circular Wall of Names)
The "People Tower" is constructed of 3024 stainless steel figures - all interconnecting together to form a 175-foot tower. It is a building made of people.

As visitors approach the tower they will first have the opportunity to read from the Circular Wall of Names while simultaneously looking inwards to the shear number and density of these symbolic figures all rising up together to create a life-affirming structure that reaches towards the heavens.

Passing through the Circular Wall of Names to approach the "People Tower", visitors will begin to hear the sound of a human heartbeat emanating from high up and deep within the center of the tower. This is the Heartbeat of Humanity. It is this sound that connects us all together and reminds us that we are all the same. As they gaze into the structural labyrinth of male and female figures and listen to the deep, resonating sound of the human heartbeat coming from within, it will be natural for visitors to lay their hands upon these symbolic figures in remembrance and prayer.

As the title suggests, the "People Tower" honors those who lost their lives in the 9/11 tragedies as well as the previous attack on the World Trade Center. For it is not the destruction of steel and glass buildings that we mourn, it is the innocent human lives that we wish to remember and to celebrate.

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People Tower
(With Circular Wall of Names)

Detail Top

Detail View From Above

Detail Corner

Detail Side

Detail Side Close-Up

Original Competition Proposal
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