Scroll Down For 26 Dreams Recorded Between 1971 And 1986

Salvador Dali Dream


Elizabeth Taylor Dream


Blacks Marching For Freedom Dream


Goldfish Dream


I Dreamed I Could Fly


Hitler Dream


I Dreamed I Found A Red Ruby


I Dreamed I Was Taller Than Picasso_


Black Boy In The Subway Dream


Model For The Universe Dream


Mustache Dream


Sybil Sheapard Dream


Escape Dream


Young Man In A Wheelchair Dream


Red Chinese Soldier Dream


Parapsychologist Magician Dream


Man Being Shot In A Tower Dream


Warhol Dream


Joni Mitchel Dream


Modern Airplane Dream


Haiku-Deer Dream


Fighter-Briefcase Dream


Split Wire Dream


Prison Dream


Hole In The Ground Dream


Making Out At The Bar Dream


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