Jonathan Borofsky

15 / 27
Deer Dream, ink on the wall
Created specifically for an exhibition of drawings at the Museum of Modern Art, 1990

The text reads:
"I am in the city near a tough (Puerto Rican?) neighborhood. I hear people yelling from down the street, "Kill the deer, Kill the deer" and I see people chasing and beating a deer with sticks. The deer runs up the stairs of a church and I decide to try and help it. We are both beaten by sticks at the front door before we get inside to safety. Later, I go to my apartment - it has been broken into again - for the fourth time. I'm too scared to go inside for fear that the crooks are still there. Then I go with the deer, who is bleeding from the head but O.K., and a dog (Piggy?) and a third animal to a friends apartment up 10 flights of stairs. We all collapse and rest, and then I feed the animals some cheese and left-overs from the refridgerator. They are very hungry and worn out. The deer rolls over on its back near the warm stove and I scratch its stomach. I am now emotionally tied to this deer and it looks like its going to be a problem..."